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L4 SmartClean Pro advanced robotic vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, smart mopping, HEPA filter, 140-minute runtime, and low noise, perfect for dust, hair, pet food, stains, and debris

L4 SmartClean Pro

Lamieus ToastMaster Pro toaster with touch screen, digital timer, six shade settings, defrost and bagel functions, easy to clean design, and 1-year warranty.

Lamieus ToastMaster Pro

L Quantum Knife by Lamieus: Precision, durability, and unmatched sharpness. Backed by a 1-year warranty, elevate your culinary experience today

L Quantum Knife set

$24.99 – $54.99
L SmartSip 430 Water Bottle with touch screen and customizable features

L SmartSip 430 Water Bottle

L ElitePan Series - 5-piece cookware set in black/orange aluminum. Includes saucepans, casserole, fry pan, and deep fry pan. $139.99 with free shipping!

L ElitePan Series

Lamieus ProClean Mop - PVA Modified Sponge Head and Rotatable Design for Efficient Cleaning

Lamieus ProClean Mop