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Lamieus L Pro Blade Knife Set: Authentic 67-layer Damascus steel, ergonomic handles, 1-year warranty.

L Pro Blade Knife Set

L Juicer Pro

L Juicer Pro

L Ultra Pro Vacuum Cleaner

L Ultra Pro Vacuum Cleaner

L15 Ultra Stand Mixer by Lamieus: Power, durability, and precision for chefs and home cooks. Extended runtime, whisper-quiet operation, sturdy and secure design

L15 Ultra Stand Mixer

Discover Lamieus' L Pro Pizza Oven: Elevate outdoor cooking with stainless steel precision. Perfect pizzas in 90 sec at 660℉. Versatile, safe, and backed by a One-Year Warranty

L Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven

$299.99 – $399.99
Medium 12 inch ( 30.48 CM )Large 16 inch ( 40.64 CM )